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Here’s my friend’s dog in a banana costume


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Reblog if you’ve been told you have a nice ass.

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Her legs omg


Met up with weaponsgradegains today!

Awesome time! Such a nice and passionate dude and he’s strong as all hell.



Met up with weaponsgradegains today!

Awesome time! Such a nice and passionate dude and he’s strong as all hell.

Whats awesome about Smolov, or Smolov Jr. for that matter, is that it really reinforces your squat technique.

400 reps in just 3 weeks. Its killer, but Ive really seen my technique improve, and become much more consistent. And thats probably equally as important as, if not more important than, the strength gains Ive made in these few weeks.




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Tool is soo good

If you dont like Tool, I dont like you

Anonymous said: What's so tough about being an ectomorph with gaining muscle?






Well, we have to eat more calories than our body can burn in order to gain. Simple right? Problem is, many of us have very fast metabolisms. I can eat an entire pizza by myself and not gain any weight. It’s hard to gain muscle at times due to the amount we need to consume in order to grow.

I wish I had this problem

No you don’t. Hate when people say this. You know how hard it is for some people to lose weight? Same deal, but in reverse.

If you’re not happy with your body, you’re not happy with your body. End of story.

Dude shut the fuck up. You know how much nicer it is to be skinny as opposed to fat? Yeah dude building muscle is hard is fuck but you dont get looked down upon the same way you do for being fat. I have friends who are naturally sitting at 8% bf all the time, thats not a fucking problem. You know whats a problem? Loosing that weight and trying to get shredded. Cuz you’ll still look half decent skinny when you’re trying to gain mass, but thats not the same when you’re trying to loose weight. And let me tell you, it is WAY harder to live on a calorie deficit than it is to stuff your face to meet a surplus, Ive done both.

Grass is always greener on the other side, buddy. Try stuffing your face so much that you almost vomit at every meal just to try and make it to a normal weight. And obviously you have never been skinny, or you’d know what it’s like to get made fun of for looking like a twig. Hurts just as bad as being called fat. Know why it’s so hard for you to cut? Because your body is fighting back. Same deal with an ectomorph trying to gain weight. Any diet is hard.

Don’t want to start an argument, but look… other people have problems that are different than yours but make them struggle just as much.

This literally started because I said I wish I could eat a lot without gaining weight. Like you said, grass is greener on the other side and all Im saying is if I have to get fucked over one way or the other Id rather be skinny.